Level indication technology

Scalable and flexible level indication

MECON has been specialising in the development of advanced level indication measuring equipment and level indications for decades. The solutions for industrial level measurement technology are particularly impressive for continuous measurement and monitoring of the level in containers of any shape with high precision – whether open or closed. The measurement result is never affected by the operating pressure. Various materials are also available in different applications, for contact with the medium.

Level measurement technology

Measurement principle of level indicators

MENKAR operates as a level indicator based on the float principle. In a system of communicating pipes, the medium flows from the container through a connecting line at the bottom into the downpipe. As a result, the height of the float it contains is always equal to the respective level of the medium in the container. If the level changes, the float moves, which is transferred by a magnet integrated in the measurement float. With the MENKAR KM, the transfer is implemented to the magnetic flap by rotating from white to red. The red side shows the respective level. By contrast, with the MENKAR KA the level is transferred to the float indicator. In addition to this, there are optional contact devices, which are also activated by the float. The magnetic transfer is always contactless and without additional auxiliary power.

Structure of the fill level meters

The MENKAR level indicator is attached to the container to be monitored with two flanges. The bypass chamber contains the float with the medium to be measured. Depending on the design, the measuring float can be fitted with a radially symmetrical magnetic system. Depending on the design, the flap magnetic indicator and the switching and measuring elements are located outside the bypass chamber. Depending on the requirements, you can also use drain screws or valves as well as various venting options.

Advantages of mechanical level indicators:
  • Universal applications in almost all types of liquids
  • Simple robust design with magnetic measurement transfer (without auxiliary power)
  • Powerful magnetic coupling system without mechanical transfer elements
  • No hydraulic connections between the display part and the medium
  • High legibility even from great distances
  • Also available for high pressures and temperatures
  • Large measurement/display range. From 200 mm to 5000 mm. Also in separate version
  • Also available with magnetic flap display, percentage scale and 4 – 20 mA output
  • Any number and layout of contacts: only limited by contact housing dimensions
  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
Measurement tasks and measurable media of level indicators

The MENKAR K level indicator impresses with high precision, especially for continuous measurement and monitoring of liquid levels in open and closed containers of any shape.

The robust design allows it to be used under tough conditions. The many types of process connections and floats fulfil the various industrial requirements.

The level indicators are used in a wide range of industries worldwide:
  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Metal extraction, production and processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Water and wastewater