Orifice flow meters

Turbo-Lux 3: The only orifice flow meter with three approvals in one device – for global use in stationary fire safety (FM Global, LPCB and VdS)

MECON is a specialist for maximum reliability in stationary fire safety. In this industry, reliability, stability and safety of the technical components is critical. Under extreme conditions, even minimal inaccuracies in the fire safety sprinkler systems have serious consequences. With the Turbo-Lux®-series, MECON has 40 years of experience in orifice flow meters for use in sprinkler systems. The VdS-approved devices in the Turbo-Lux® series were first marketed in 1977. On the international market, the Turbo-Lux 3 is the only orifice flow meter with VdS, FM Global and LPCB approvals.