Orifice flow meters

Turbo-Lux 3: The only orifice flow meter with three approvals in one device – for global use in stationary fire safety (FM Global, LPCB and VdS)

MECON is a specialist for maximum reliability in stationary fire safety. In this industry, reliability, stability and safety of the technical components is critical. Under extreme conditions, even minimal inaccuracies in the fire safety sprinkler systems have serious consequences. With the Turbo-Lux®-series, MECON has 40 years of experience in orifice flow meters for use in sprinkler systems. The VdS-approved devices in the Turbo-Lux® series were first marketed in 1977. On the international market, the Turbo-Lux 3 is the only orifice flow meter with VdS, FM Global and LPCB approvals.

In addition to this, MECON offers a range of differential pressure flow meters, which fulfil the requirements for treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pools (DIN 19 643).

Orifice flow meters by MECON

Measurement principle of differential pressure flow meters

A measurement orifice – installed in the main flow of the pipeline – causes a pressure difference. In turn, this generates a volume flow in a bypass, which is recorded using a float-type flow meter. The current height of the float directly indicates the current flow. The reading edge is at the widest diameter in the float.

Structure of the orifice flow meters

In their fundamental design, orifice flow meters are based on a measurement orifice as a sensor and a measurement cone with a float – the direct indicating element. The measurement orifices can be installed as intermediate flange versions in practically any pipeline. For stationary fire safety, Turbo-Lux® 3 allows the orifice flow meter to be integrated via grooved couplings. The optimal, easy installation also guarantees the necessary centric position of the measurement orifice.

Advantages of mechanical orifice flow meters by MECON:
  • Great reliability and lasting stability during operation
  • Suitable for clear liquids
  • Simple device structure guarantees easy assembly and maintenance-friendly use
  • No additional auxiliary power required for local display
  • Direct reading of measurement results
  • Simple interpretation of measurement values
  • Extremely precise repeat accuracy of the measurements
  • Short lead times and smooth commissioning
  • Low-cost installation and commissioning
  • Manufacturer has in-depth application expertise
Measurement tasks and measurable media of orifice flow meters:

The Turbo-Lux® series flow meters are ideal for flow measurement in the sampling lines of stationary sprinkler systems. The approvals FM, LPCB and VdS have been put in place for this worldwide.

The N4 orifice flow meter is used to measure the flow of clear liquids in closed pipelines. It fulfils the requirements for treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pools (DIN 19 643)

MECON meters are used in a wide range of industries worldwide:
  • Fire safety (e.g. in sampling lines of stationary sprinkler systems)
  • Building services equipment, air conditioning and heating technology
  • Swimming pool technology (e.g. in preparing and disinfecting swimming and bathing pools)
  • Water and wastewater